Myself with a client

Design Process

All projects are individual, below is a general guide to help you through the design process.

Client Brief

The Garden Design process will normally begin with an initial meeting, usually onsite with the client.

During this time we have discussions regarding your likes and dislikes, function of the garden, visual aspects and where necessary time constraints and budgets.

The meeting is also an opportunity for me to outline the general scope of works and proposed tasks that will follow should you decide to go ahead with a Garden Design.
Payment terms are discussed in a follow up and contracts are exchanged where terms are agreed.

Site Survey

After the client brief meeting and terms have been agreed, I attend site to appraise it in detail. Site surveys may include, amongst other things: measuring of the site; aspect of the site; analysis of soil via samples; and photography.

Existing surveys are used wherever possible. Larger sites may require employing a professional surveyor.

Presentation of Draft Plan

The preliminary plans are a consolidation of initial ideas. They are presented in either a hand drawn ink or CAD format.

The plan may also include a list of suggested materials for landscaping features.
I like to meet with my client to present the Draft plan as it gives us an opportunity to discuss my ideas in detail. We then apply any amendments and/or additions that are to be made.

At this meeting we have a general discussion regarding overall envisaged planting that can sometimes include visuals.

Presentation of Planting Plan and Master Plan

The Final revisions to Draft plans are formulated and a full colour refined Master Plan is presented to the client. Where agreed landscape material specifications will be listed.

View Master Plan

Planting Plan

Planting plans show details of the location, quantity and size of selected plants, trees and shrubs.

They tend to omit any landscaping details and focus more simply on the softer landscape.
I like to provide my clients with small thumbnail photos of plants to be included in the design. This helps them to visualise the design.

View Planting Plan

Build – Construct - Manage

The client may tender the designs to landscapers to build or they may use a landscaper I already work with. I am happy to project manage. Project management is generally calculated as 10% of the total expense of the garden’s construction.

After the garden is constructed, I can then begin with the planting. I like to source the plants myself.

Some clients like to be involved with the physical planting and I welcome this.